(VOCALCOM Connector developed by AMIGOLOG) 

Functions provided

  • Connection to - two connection modes are supported:
      • Connection to using only the SALESFORCE Softphone

      • Joint use of the workspace and the SALESFORCE Softphone

  • Commands to control the call from the SALESFORCE Softphone (on hold, transfer, conference, etc.).
  • Incoming calls: pop-up screen in Salesforce. Example: when the agent picks up the phone, the details of the identified contact or account appear automatically.

  Salesforce CTI 1



  • Outgoing calls: function click-to-call from the SALESFORCE phone fields




  • Full history within Salesforce of the received calls and outbound calls

      Salesforce CTI 1



      • All calls in Salesforce are stored as activities associated with the contact or account identified during the call.




  • Calls qualification : at the end of the call, selection of the status within the Salesforce Softphone, this qualification is recorded both in and in the Salesforce activity tracing the call.
  • Campaign for outgoing calls :
      • loading of the campaigns from contacts / prospects that have been targeted in Salesforce

      • displays automatically the contact / prospect in Salesforce when generates the outgoing call in Preview or Progressive mode

      • synchronization of the calls status between the Salesforce campaign members and the ones.